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This community is a place for parents to connect with each other, to talk about adventures in parenting, and to have solidarity when things go bad. We all need a place to talk about our lives and get some advice, and this is the place to do it and to receive a thoughtful and respectful response in reply.

All parents parent differently, and in this community we all have our own philosophies. The goal of this community is to have conversations that don't try to persuade someone they are wrong, but to offer suggestions or sympathy to those parents who ask for it.

So have you flown in the face of attached parenting? Are you going all crunchy? Have you ever felt like weaning early so you can leave the kid at Grandma's overnight for once? Ever let your baby cry because you were just too tired? Worn your baby for 36 hours straight - or longer? Join us for discussion.


1. Respectful language is required. Name calling, insults, insane use of profanity directed toward someone else will get you kicked out. As will personal attacks. Offenders will have one warning before being removed from the community.
2. Civil debate is encouraged. Be prepared to cite reputable sources (Anyone can build a website well enough that it appears credible.)
3. Immediate banning will take place for any member snarking another member in their personal journal, in the other member's personal journal, or any other form of online harrassment, including posting malicious links.
4. Please do not delete or disallow comments to your posts.
5. Pictures must be behind an < lj-cut > and it is appreciated if you will put long posts behind one, too.

If there is a problem with a post, please email me with the necessary links at lj_parent2parent@yahoo.com